Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Secrets of a Deal'ionaire

It's Finally Available !!!

Secrets of a Deal'ionaire

Forward by Robert Allen

Secrets of a Deal’ionaire According to US statistics over 1,000,000 Americans filed for bankruptcy last year. Over 85% could have been prevented if they had just $300 more per month. Would you like to know how to turn $200 into $2,000 in less than 2 hours worth of total work? The secrets and strategies John share are unique and priceless. He has simplified processes that can be very complicated. The small deals that he has done over the last 25 years you have just learned in a very easy to understand format. One of the most important things John has learned is to get a mentor and jump start your way to success. There are two ways to do things, the easy way or the hard way. A mentor will get you there the easy way. The hard way is to spend twenty five years learning it yourself. The information you need to get started in small deals that can make you a handsome profit is in this book. Lots of small deals can change your life.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Little Known Secret to Where You Can Invest in Real Estate Today :) Ferguson, Missouri

Hello Fellow Investor,

As fall comes into play many of us are looking for Great Investment Opportunities. We do not have to look too far here in St Louis. We have some of the best real estate prices on the planet.

A Great place to look right now is Ferguson, Missouri. Yes Ferguson, Missouri. Who hasn't heard of World Renown Ferguson? We have bought and sold many properties in Ferguson. We also have several rental properties here. It is a Great place to invest and live.*

As Warren Buffet says,"When everyone else is selling, buy. When everyone else is buying, sell." 

Check out this Great Opportunity :

Questions are welcome. Thanks for looking!

Happy Investing,

John Lee

P.S. Imagine Yourself 5 years from now...2 years from year...You were one of the smart ones that fore saw the investment opportunity and the value in investing in Ferguson today...Most didn't see what you saw...Now...You're sitting Pretty...

Positive Imagination is More Powerful than negative media...don't be a - , be a + 

*Also...Ferguson is a wonderful place to LIVE, despite what you are reading/hearing.  Our church is In Ferguson....and we have many, many friends who live there. Progressive people who want to move forward.....and we will!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Wholesaling Real Estate ...No Money...No Credit...No Problem

Wholesaling Real Estate

NO Money…NO Credit…NO Problem

Why does anyone want to get into Real Estate? I don’t think I ever heard anyone say “to work harder after my regular job in the evening and on the weekends, to spend my savings to fix up a place for someone else to tear up, so I can evict someone and try to collect the money they stole from me, to overpay for a fixer upper, to put more money into a house than it is worth.” I can’t recall ever hearing any of this.

 Almost everyone says that they want to get into Real Estate for more money. We all have reasons for more money. It’s not really about the money. It’s about the “Why.”  I used to think that money was the why.   Money is a tool, not a why.

I came to a realization back in 2007 of what my why really is. My why is “freedom.”   My wife Sue was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer on March 1st. She passed away on June 27th. Money didn’t matter. What did matter was because of Real Estate I could be at home with her because I had money coming in. I didn’t have to go to a “real job.” Even Steve Jobs with all his money could not buy one more day on this earth.

Many beginners get into Real Estate because they have little, not enough or no money. A lot of times they have no credit or bad credit. Those things are very forgiving with Real Estate. One of the things that anyone can do is to wholesale Real Estate.

It’s very simple. All you do is find a property that someone no longer wants. They may not have the money or don’t want to spend the money to fix it up. It almost always needs to be a property that is not listed on the MLS (by the time it is listed on the Multiple Listing Service it has usually been picked over). It’s usually not associated with a Realtor and can be gotten for a substantial discounted price.

You, the wholesaler, and the seller fill out a sales agreement/contract. I have a very simple two page sales agreement that I use most of the time. I also have one that is six pages for those who think it should look more Realtor like. Very rarely is this a factor.

I like to set the closing for 90 to 120 days in the future. This gives me plenty of time to find an end buyer/investor. Most of the time we close on the property within a few weeks. There are a couple of ways the deal can be closed. Some like to do a double closing. This is where you have a separate sales contract with the end buyer and the amount you are making is not disclosed.

I personally like to be totally transparent. I like the one close option. Everyone is involved and everyone knows everything.   I assign my contract to the end buyer for a few thousand dollars to several thousand dollars. My experience is that leaving some meat on the bone so others can make a good profit keeps them coming back for more. It’s very simple, very quick, no secrets. Everyone wins.

There are a lot of good courses out there that teach different strategies and techniques on Wholesaling Real Estate. I encourage you to take some courses, attend some seminars and get educated. Wholesaling is probably the easiest way for a newbie to get involved with Real Estate.

Many choose to remain wholesalers their entire carrier. Others go on to other aspects of Real Estate investing. Whatever you decide to in Real Estate, I would recommend finding something that you really like to do and become good at it. You’re never going to be great at everything and you can become an expert at one thing.

Another thing I might recommend is to find yourself a Mentor. Someone that resonates with you. There are two ways to get educated in Real Estate. You can do this the hard way like I did learning by trial and error for 25 years. Or you can jump start your way to success by learning from someone that’s already done it.   

Sure, it cost money for a good mentor. And, not every mentor is for you. In perspective, what does an MBA at Harvard cost? Maybe $180,000 to $200,000. And you may be taught by someone that has never run a business. Learning from someone that has been there, done that can catapult you. Just make sure they resonate with you.

This is absolutely a great time to be involved with Real Estate. I have never seen a time when you could get properties at these prices. Wholesaling is a great way to make good money simply by solving other people’s problems. Everyone wins!

I’ve made more money by making deals and doing paperwork than I have ever made painting the living room or cutting the grass. Wholesaling is very simple and anyone can do it.

Happy Investing,

John Lee                                                                                                                                                       the Deal'ionaire

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Free Consumer Report on How to Improve Your Credit Score


What Everyone Needs to Know
Question: Why Should I Care What My Credit Score Is?
Answer: Having a Higher Credit Score Gives You Many More Choices. With a Good Credit Score You Get To Call the Shots. You Decide Who Has the Privilege of Doing Business With You. Having a Better Credit Score Allows You to Borrow at Better Interest Rates And Better Terms. Insurance Rates May Also Be Significantly Lower.
Question: How Do They Come Up With Credit Scores?
Answer: Credit Scores Are Derived From Different Models that Are Calculated From Their Formulas that Are Designed to Show the Likelihood that the Borrower Will Become 90 days Late or Delinquent on an Account Within the Next 24 Months. 
Question: What About Those Companies that Offer Credit Repair?
Answer: BEWARE! There is No Magical Way to Instantly “Doctor” Your Credit Score. Many Companies Make Outrageous Claims About How “They” Can Make Your Credit Problems Go Away. This is Simply Not True. Most of These Companies Actually Hurt Your Credit More Than They Help You. Even the Consumer Credit Counseling Services Can Significantly Damage Your Credit.
Question: What About Those “Free” Credit Report Companies that Have Popped Up All Over Recently?
Answer: Again, BEWARE! I Have Yet to See Anything That is Actually FREE From Any of These Companies. Some of Them Will Give You One Free Report With NO Credit Score Unless You Pay For It. Some Will Give You One Score From One Bureau And Want You To Pay For the Other Two. Most Want To Sign You Up For a Monthly FEE Program. They May Give You a Couple of Months With No Charge And Then They Debit Your Credit Card. Maybe They Should Have a Website, Something Like “NoSuchThingAsAFreeCreditReport.COM”  You Can Improve Your Credit On Your Own With NO Monthly Fee if You Just Know a Couple of Trade Secrets.
Question: What About Those Monthly Monitoring Companies That Look Out For Fraud, Identity Theft And My Well Being?
Answer: I’m Sure Most of the Companies Are Probably Fine. But Why Do You Need Another Monthly Payment? Chances Are…You DON’T! There’s A Very Little Known Technique You Can Implement To Prevent Identity Theft. You Simply Send A Fraud Alert To the Credit Bureaus. Only 3 Short Letters, 3 Envelopes and 3 Stamps. It’s That Simple. NO MONTHLY FEES! 
Question: What If I Have Filed Bankruptcy Or Already Have Collections And Judgments?
Answer: There Are Several Ways to Improve Your Credit Score Even If You Have Filed Bankruptcy And/Or You Have Collections And Judgments. There Are Little Known Things You Can Do No Matter Where You Are.
Question: What If I Have Good Credit? Can I Still Improve My Score?
Answer: You Can Always Improve Your Credit Score No Matter Where You Are At.
Question: What If I Am Starting Out OR Re-Starting Out in Life And Don’t Have Any Credit?
Answer: There Are Some Ways To Establish Credit When You Just Know How. It’s Not Difficult And It can Be Done.
Question: What If Some Of the Information Is Incorrect on My Credit Report?
Answer: You May Dispute Incorrect Information On Your Credit Report. The Bureaus Must Verify the Information As Being Factual In Order For It To Remain On Your Credit Report.
Question: Can I Add My “2 Cents Worth” To My Credit Report?
Answer: It’s Not Well Known And You Can Add Your “2 Cents” To Your Credit Report. The Bureaus Allow For You To Add Up To 100 Words to Your Credit Report to Explain Your Situation, i.e. Divorce, Illness, Accident, Laid Off, etc…
Question: What Else Do I Need To Know To Increase My Credit Score?
Answer: In Addition To All These Questions There Are Many Other, Easy to Understand Techniques To Improve YOUR Credit Score. I Have Put Together Some Very Prudent, Little Known Information on Improving Your Credit Score.

By: John R. Lee

Most of the information contained in this text has come from experience, i.e. blood, sweat, tears, trials and errors. What started off as a necessity from my own circumstances, turned into a lifetime quest to help others obtain financial intelligence in regards to their credit. There seems to be a lack of good information when it comes to your financial and credit well-being. It is my intent to provide you with good information that you will be able to apply to your own situation and betterment. Just by opening these pages you are taking a very important and giant step towards upgrading your life. Regardless of where you are currently there is always room for improvement. Our hope is that our experiences will be beneficial for you. Thank you for taking the time to increase your education and understanding of Improving Your Credit Score.

About the Author
John R Lee has been in the financial service industry for over 25 years. He has been a mortgage broker for over ten years working with nonconforming borrowers and lenders. Through John’s innovative debt elimination program and education he has helped many that thought they were credit impaired. He has also worked extensively as an insurance agent in all lines. In recent years he has become a real estate investor buying and selling properties. Also working with many first time homebuyers he is currently involved with owner financing properties. By educating those that have credit issues John has been able to assist many in overcoming what has seemed like credit nightmares and turning those into “dreams come true” situations. This ongoing education continues to add to his tremendous success.

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